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Our cleaning team delivers, delivers, delivers

Cleaner and Greener
Croydon BID's pledge to maintain a clean and attractive town centre environment for people to work, live and do business in Croydon continues at pace.

Croydon BID's street cleaning contractors Community Clean, have been delivering improvements to the space in which we work, live and visit, providing a regular deep-cleaning, wash down and gum and grafitti removal service along the town's main thoroughfares two days per week. 

The team has covered areas such as North End, West Croydon, East Croydon train station, Surrey Street and are now working on George Street. Other areas include Fell Road, Mint Walk and companies Jury's Inn Croydon, Hampton by Hilton and National Car Parks.

Matthew Sims, chief executive said: "Our cleaning team offers an exceptional resource for the town centre and the businesses we represent. We have made a very clear and direct pledge to do all we can to improve the cleanliness of the areas that our businesses operate in and will continue to do so as our term progresses. Our service delivers a minimum of 18 hours per week of additional deep-cleaning and is welcomed by not just the business community but by those that use our town centre. 

Take some time to enjoy the gallery of images from the recent cleansing projects undertaken by the team. 

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