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Free security workshops proving to be a winner

Safer Streets
Almost 1,000 town centre employees have so far benefited from free crime prevention training as a result of a joint initiative launched nine months ago between the Metropolitan Police and the Croydon BID-funded, Croydon Business Crime Reduction Partnership (CBCP).

Since launch, 19 separate seminars, intelligence-sharing meetings, roadshows and seminars have been delivered to provide businesses with the information, advice and tools they need to prevent and cut crime and to safeguard the interests of their staff and customers.

At the latest bespoke training session in April, eleven employees from Lush in North End, heard how the Safer Croydon Radio Scheme is instrumental in helping to deter and cut crime in the town centre.

As well as hearing how the scheme provides a fast and direct link between businesses and the Council’s CCTV surveillance team, enabling them to share information quickly and easily with each other and to assist with the tracking of suspected criminals, attendees also heard how to clearly and accurately report incidents to help in the apprehension of offenders.

“We are delighted that these training courses are proving so popular with businesses. They are designed to help increase people’s feelings of safety and security in the town centre by developing a real sense of community between the businesses operating here in the drive to  deter and tackle crime,” said Jamie Endrizzi, Croydon BID’s business crime reduction manager.

A total of six tailored crime prevention workshops have already been rolled out in conjunction with the town centre police team on behalf of big name brands within the town centre.

With sessions designed for 15 or more employees, the workshops are targeted at supporting crime reduction within a business and equipping staff with the skills and knowledge to deter and detect criminal behaviour. 

“We’re really keen to develop these further and would be happy to hear from anyone who might be interested in finding out how we can help support their business,” added Jamie. 

To find out more email or call 020 8603 0054

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