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Chairman & CEO Foreword

One look at the skyline and it is plain to see that some remarkable changes are taking place in Croydon.

The brand new buildings and number of cranes visible on the horizon provide a strong indication of the resurgence that has already commenced here. They are also a foretaste of the many exciting new developments yet to come, with £5.2 billion worth of private and public sector investment planned for Croydon over the next five years, including re-development of the Whitgift and Centrale Shopping Centres, the provision of up to 2.8 million square feet of office space, eight new hotels and over 8,000 new homes.

Take a closer look still at Croydon town centre and you also will see that it is now a much cleaner, safer, more attractive, better promoted, more accessible and more vibrant place to be – much of which is due to the innovative projects and initiatives that Croydon Business Improvement District has been at the heart of during the last ten years.

Under the strategic direction of the town centre business community, Croydon BID has invested in excess of £15 million over the last decade in improvements designed to make a real difference to Croydon to ensure that it is regarded as one of the best places in south London in which to work, live, visit and do business.

It’s a strategy that certainly appears to have paid off, with the town now regularly cited by commentators as an attractive place in which to invest and numerous blue chip businesses announcing their intention to relocate here.

Further large-scale developments scheduled to take place over the next five years will radically transform the town centre’s appearance and ambience and lead to a major step-change for the businesses that operate here.

The challenges and opportunities are both exciting and immense and, in anticipation of those changes, we are pleased to introduce Croydon BID’s Renewal Proposal for 2017-2022.

Our plans are the result of an extensive period of consultation with you, the business community and highlight how we will build on our achievements to date and continue to work in the best interests of your business over the next five years, in order to achieve our shared ambitions.  

In recognition of the potentially disruptive period facing the business community over the next five years, our Board has pledged to maintain the annual levy rate at 1% throughout its third term.  We believe we can continue to contain costs and achieve savings wherever possible, without impacting on levels of service.

In October, along with other eligible businesses in the town centre, you will be invited to vote in favour of Croydon BID continuing for a further five year term. Only with your support and a majority ‘yes’ vote at the ballot, can these future plans be implemented. 





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